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Welcome to Team DIRT
Dirt is an Insurance brokerage dedicated to the off road enthusiast.
  After getting first hand training from a large.......you guessed it
and having problems with repairs it was
decided to help all riders with the same problem.

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Care for your 2/4x4 Quad Print E-mail

• Inspect skidplates and attachment hardware.
• Inspect battery for signs of corrosion. Ensure terminal bolts are tight. Inspect battery water level (if available). Adjust level to correct height as marked on battery with distilled water only.
• Inspect lights for lens/reflector integrity and test for proper operation.
• Inspect air filter element for contamination. Clean, if necessary, and re-oil. If it’s not a cleanable element, replace it.
• Four-by riding often requires you to work the handlebars—and grips—hard. A combination of grip glue and safety wire will insure your grips will never come loose.
• Keep the radiator free of mud build up and debris that can restrict proper airflow and cooling.
• Four-bys rely on many control cables. Stiff action can mean the cable is frayed and ready to break. Lube cables with a cable luber and, if the action is still stiff, replace the cable. Lube the lever/pedal pivots with Dri-Slide.
• Bonus Tip: Fill fuel tank with recommended grade of fresh dead dinosaur extract (not that old stale dead stuff!). Install DOT-approved cranium protective device, your choice of ocular protection and go riding!

By Greg Hall

Welcome and thank you for visiting the new Team Dirt Web site, don’t forget to browse to the all new areas namely Team Dirt Classifieds and Team Dirt Gallery.
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